how to create custom permalink of post in blogger

how to create custom permalink of post in blogger

How to create custom permalink of post in blogger is tutorial for those blogger who are new at blogger. Whenever you write new post in blogger it creates a Permalink, it is location where you post is published and public visit this URL to read you post. 

If you want to use custom URL for your post for better SEO you can move to Permalink button at right side bar of post editor. 

Here is example of by default URL of blogger blog automatically created.

Yellow background is original blog URL + Year and date + post title

It is very log URL and little bit difficult for understand and very long too. 

Creating Custom permalink is very good for SEO purpose and for adding more retentive key words in URL. 

Lets see how we can create a custom Permalink.

Click on    given in right side bar. 

after clicking you can see this.

Click on Custom Permalink as shown in picture above. Here you can type your words without pressing space bar but you can only use dash - between the words.

These key words will be added after your blog URL and in this way there will be no year and date mentioned. 

Benefits of using custom Permalink:

1) Easy to understand

2) short URl

3) Browser friendly

4) best for appearing in Search engine (SEO friendly)

5) Post branding (URl tells about the post contents in few words)

I am sure this post will help you to create custom URL if you feel something wrong in this post or want to improve my post please share your feedback in comments box.

Happy blogging.

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