how to enable search description in blogger blog

how to enable search description in blogger blog step by step tutorial, follow this and made your blog visible in Google search with post short description. Blogger new tools make it very easy for blogger to showing their post with short description in Search results. By default blogger is not Search Description enabled you have to activate search preferences manually.

Here is example of BU descripiton shown in Google search.

Following these simple steps to Enable your Search Description.

1) Click on Setting button at home screen of Blogger.

2) After click the setting button now click on Search Preferences as shown in  picture below.

 3) You will see new page you might have to scroll up the page where you see the link of Edit Description

4)  Now you have to click on Yes button in order to enable Search Description.  Write down you blog description here it will be visible under your blog title in search engine as we have attach example at top of this post.

 5) after enabling your blog search description now you have to write down post description. Each Post has its unique description, every time you have write new post click on search description button you have 100 words to write about your post. These words should be to the point and it has to deliver the right message about your post to the visitors when they search about your post in search engine.

This is all you have to do for Enabling search description of your blog. That's for today's lesson we will come to you very soon with new work.

Happy Blogging....

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