use of logo for blog recognition

The use of logo image for Blog recognition is new post on how you can build your blog as a brand. In earlier post we discussed that, Blog is like a new brand or new born baby. You have to take care of your blog, you will feed your blog with best content, you might also give better dress coat to your new blog in term of theme and template design.
Today we will discussed how a Logo image of your blog or website can be helpful for creating your blog brand recognition. Brand Recognition, it is an extent in which people are able to identify particular product by just viewing the Logo. 
So, the logo of your blog is most important for you and for your visitors. You should have to get well designed Logo that is related with your work or business. After this it is required to putt good efforts in building your blog as brand, these efforts will help you building brand recognition.
Remember : Logos should not be changed again and again, take your full time in building logo, and after this do not try to change it. 
Lets talk about some tips where we can use our blog's Logo for Blog recognition.

Blog Logo on Blog:

The best place for placing Logo of your Blog, is your own Blog. You can display your logo on your blog, because this is the place from which visitors start learning about your blog. There are many places available for your logo but experts recommended following places for better results.

Your Logo on Newsletter Email:

The other best choice for your blog logo is the Newsletter Email header. Newsletter is notification service by which your visitors can subscribe to your blog. Each time you write new post on your blog subscribers will get Email notification. 
On the top of your email notification you can putt your logo in this way subscribers will be able to recognize your blog and it will help you for building blog as a brand.

Your Logo on Social Media:

Social media is great source of traffic many people connected with your social pages start recognizing your blog with your logo. Social media is probably the most fastest and easiest way for creating brand recognition. People loves to spend time of social media websites, the most time the spend on your pages the more time you have got to recognize your blog as brand with them. 
Following are few most popular social media tools for placing Logo.
  • Facebook: Profile picture and cover image
  • Google+ : Profile and cover image
  • Pinterest : On dashboard or profile picture
  • Twitter :  Use your logo as Account picture
I am sure today's post will be very helpful for you and you will start trying to put your efforts for building you blog as brand in your visitors mind.

You are always welcomed to give your feedback in comments.

Happy Blogging!

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