the use of labels in blogger

The use of Labels in blogger is very helpful article about understanding the new features of Blogger blog. Labels are easiest way to manage the key words for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), for creating Categories and for creating menu of your blog. 

There are many other benefits of using Labels in your post today we will learn how to create Labels and how to improve your blog or website using this tool.

How to create Labels in Blogger:

Creating Labels in blogger is very easy, Simply Click on Labels Icon top at the right side of blogger post editor under post settings. After clicking on this it will open's text box, now start typing of your Labels, it is recommended to use your post title in Labels, and some related key words related with your post.

Note: You have to separate the each Labels with commas (,) to create Labels.

 After creating Labels do not forget to click on Done button below it will save your new Labels.

Labels as key words:

Labels are nice tool for creating and sharing your blog's key words. Key words are tiny words that users input in search engine for searching the content. 

If your site has same key word and it is properly Optimized with search engine there are very strong chance of appearing your blog or website in Google's first page.

Labels as Linking :

Labels are also used as linking the site data and it is very handy tool for creating link as well. Every word that you type in Labels text box and separate it with commas is convert in link, blogger creates a link for each Labels.

Example: This link is created with Labels

This is URL of Label: blogger

The default URL is( your blog URL/search/label/keyword

Labels as blog categories management:

As we discussed earlier Labels can create category of your blog contents. For creating category keep creating specific Labels of each category.

Example: Your blog is about downloading software etc how you will work with Labels?

For creating category of Downloads you must have to add the Labels Downloads,

Similarly, you can create more categories like Games, Software, free download,

Every time you write new post do remember labeling specific category so, your new post will be automatically added to its category. 

Thanks coming here and this is all we have today to discuss about, you can share your opinions and questions about this tutorial in comments.

Happy Blogging


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