how to publish your first post on your new blog

How to publish your first post on your new blog is basic tutorial for publishing new post at This tutorial is for new bloggers and it will describe thee all new features and tools used in publishing new post.

Starting with very Post Title, Post Title the most important while posting on blogger. Title is main heading or first line used to told the readers, what this post is about to. Post tile should be short and to the point and it has to convey the right message about its contents.

Click on New Post  orange color button shown in picture below or you can also click on pencil icon at top of this picture in front of Blogger icon.

After click on new post button you will see new page in front of you. This is basic post edit page where you can write and edit your post. Post title bar is at top of your screen.

Ideally it is in front of your blog title as show in picture below. There is text written post title when you start typing it will disappear automatically.

After writing post tile now it is time to have look and post edit bar at top of editor in blogger. Its important to understand all these options to work effectively in blogger.

There are two main views in blogger editor. 

Compose: It shows just like MS Word or graphic mode of editor new bloggers are happy with this option

HTML: HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is coding language used in website designing. If you understand the HTML than you can also use this editor view while posting on your blog.

We are discussing the option of the editor bar from left to write.

1) Undo and Redo buttons , to go back once step or to go forward recently changed just like MS Word .

2) f button shows the font style that you want to chose for your writing style in post body.

3) Tt button is used for changing the font size, you can chose any size according to your requirement.

4) Next is Heading style , by default it is selected as normal you can change the value from drop down menu.

5) B| I | U| Bold, Italic and Underlines, used for decorating the text with style.  and ABC is used for strike through the text, 

6) A with drop down button is used for changing the font color 

7) Next is Text Background color changer , you can change the background color of your text by using this tool

8) Link it is used for creating link with text, if you want to refer a user to any specific page, here is way how to direct the user to other page.

9) Image icon is used to insert the image in your post any where you want to insert the image just click on this image icon and upload your image.

10) Video icon used for uploading the video on your blog from your local hard disk.

11) Insert Jump break is used to divide a page into two parts which is used in many other function will be shared next.

12) Alignment is used for aligning your text in post body, you can select any option for aligning the text in center, right, left or justified.

13) Number list and Bullet list used for creating list of things.


number list:
  1. One
  2. Two
  3. There

Bullet List:

  • One
  • Two
  • There

14) Quote These commas are used for highlights any sentence in quotes.

This is highlighted with Quote option.
Note: To high light the text select your sentence and click on this option it will be automatically inserted in highlighted area, it will not show any change in editor but you can see the change in post preview.

15) T icon underline , this is used to remove any kind of formatting you have made using any tool, simply click on this button it will remove all text formatting.

16) ABC with check mark is used to check for spelling and grammar in your text body.

17) Icon of Alif Madda (Urdu Language letter) is used for transliterate words typed phonetically in English script. Or you can simply change the language of your editor by selecting drop down menu.

18) The last and final tool at blog editor is used to change the text direction from left to right or right to left.

Post Setting: Post setting side have many other useful tools for controlling your post contents. Here is screen shoot of all these tools.

Talking about these tools from Top to down.

1) Labels: Labels are most important tools for creating key words, links and managing data on your blog. Against the each Labels you create blogger makes a link. It can be help full in many ways like SEO of your blog, Creating blog menu and targeting the key words in Search Engine. 

2) Schedule: you can setup the date of publishing in past and future any date according to your choice. Many bloggers use this tools for vacations and keep saving their post for holidays. When you are on holiday Scheduled post will be automatically published with given time and date.

3) Permlink: This option is used to customized the url of your post. URL is where you refer your traffic For Example : is URL. Similarly each post has its own different URL. 

4) Location : Location tool is used for sharing location of any incident, picture, or any kind of news that you are sharing with your viewers. 

5) Search Description: Recently Google has made many good changes in their blog editor and search description is one of this. Search description is place to type only 100 words about your post to best describe it. These words are shown in search engines. On a search page different post titles are displayed with some kind of short explanation so, viewer can understand this is a required page by reading this description. 

6) Options: There are many other hidden options as well will be visible to you after clicking on Option. Reader comments, and comment composing editor, or allowing the viewers to use some HTML codes in comment box.

7) Custom Robots Tags: These options are used for SEO (search engine optimization) it is better not change these options if you are not familiar with these things, because it can effect your blog appearance in search engine both negatively or positively.

This is all a blogger post editor have for you. Please feel free to send your questions and feedback about this post in comments. 

Happy Blogging!

Best Regards! 

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By: Muhammad Hussain

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