how to make favicon of your blogger blog

how to make favicon of your blogger blog

How to make favicon of your blogger blog is new tutorial to guide you for creating your custom and owned Favicon. Favicon ( Favorite Icon ) is used to identify your blog tab in browser when users are opening more than 1 or 2 tabs in his/her browser. 

Here are few examples of Favicon:

As we all know we are all very keen of doing multitask on all devices no matter it is mobile or PC we want to complete more work in little amount of time period. Multitasking has created another debater for online marketers and it has become challenge for publishers like blogger to create its unique identity when you are facing countless competitors. 

Favicon is something like branding and creating your unique position in visitors brain. If you have well applied branding strategies for your blog, it will more likely to be visited directly from users by enter your blog URL in browser. On other hand if you are not aware of blog branding or not working to get position in visitors brain, now you are only on the behalf of referral traffic from search engine or by doing some advertising.

Well positioned blog and proper branding efforts for your blog name helps you to get certain position in visitors mind. Visitors remember your blogs with help of Logos, by URL and with blog Favicon while browsing. The more place got in visitors memory the more traffic you will get from your blog name and Logo.

Lets follow these simple step for creating your blog Favicon.

1) Go to your blogger home page and click on Setting button.

2) Now click on Layout button.

3) At top of Layout page you can see Favicon widget link right on Header widget.

4) Click on Favicon Edit link as shown in picture below. 

5) After clicking on Edit link of Favicon widget new popup screen will show the following diagram. 

6) Upload your icon file here it can be in JPEG format of PNG formate best option is PNG. 

Note: Image size should not be more than 100KB, it should be in square (60 x 60)

After uploading your icon press on  Save  button to apply the effect. 

In some cases your blog Favicon might not appear very quickly after saving your work, do not worry it will took time not more than 1 hour it will be visible to your visitors very soon. 

I am sure you will learn how to create your Favicon and upload this, if you have any question about today's lesson please feel free to share with us in comments. 

Happy Blogging!

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